Turtle & Crane has been locally owned since 2006 by Ryan and Annalyn Rasmussen and is part of Niguel Sante LLC. With a background in senior healthcare, they have strived to create an environment that would provide care for seniors in a way that would be as homelike as possible. Our philosophy is founded on the ability to respond as a family to other families. We have found that by having a personal relationship with those we serve, we can better respond to the needs of the residents. 
We are constantly striving to assist seniors to live as comfortable as possible when living in home is no longer an option. Our hope is potential residents see assisted living is an aid to the seniors as they transition to a time when their needs are different than at any other time before. We hope by providing quality services, in a dignified manner we can make this time of life one where family, friends, and loved ones can enjoy life to the fullest.
Our smaller facilities, coupled with high staff-to-resident ratios provide the right mix of care and feeling of independence. 
Many of our residents and potential residents have much in common, but feel that they are alone. Most are living at home but have recognized the need for assistance. Lawn care, home maintenance, transportation, health concerns and safety are all issues being addressed by seniors entering into this phase. We also see many seniors who's spouses are experiencing declining health, but the ability to provide care is difficult for the family. Our facilities aim to address these needs as well. It used to be that traditional nursing homes and hospitals had been the only option in the past. We feel like this new approach better serves the senior community.
Our Lily and Syringa special needs facilities take this one step further by providing advanced care for those with Alzheimer's and dementia who do not require the technical services a hospital provides. If you have a loved one in a nursing home with Alzheimer's or dementia we recommend you look at Lily and Syringa as an alternative that provides the same care sometimes for half to a third of the cost.
We hope that as you research assisted living, and other senior care options we can provide support and help answer many of the questions you may have. Feel free to stop in for a tour or call to find out more. We look forward to being able to help you find the best care for your loved ones needs.

We are located at:  1950 1St St, Idaho Falls, ID 83401